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Claire Standish





Marital Status:

Dating John Bender


Student Princess


Mr. Standish (Father) Mrs.Standish(Mother)


Allison Reynolds, Andrew Clark, John Bender, Brian Johnson,

Reason for why in detention:

Ditching class to go shopping

Portrayed by:

Molly Ringwald

The PrincessEdit

Claire is harassed by John Bender in the beginning and middle of the film. She is furious with his teasing and insulting. By the end of the movie Claire sees Bender's soft side and develops a small crush. Throughout the movie Claire struggles to find the reason behind her unhappiness. She realizes that she is trying to be someone she’s not so that she will be well liked and considered “popular”. Claire discovers that she is not alone, and that everyone tends to mask their real thoughts and feelings to become what people expect them to be, such as a geek, a loner, a badass, or an athlete. She learns to accept her true self. Along with this, she also learns to accept others for who they truly are. Throughout this weekend detention, she learns that people should just accept each other for who they really are.

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